7 Words I’ll Never Say Again

Two weeks ago I lost my father, and then one week later, we lost Boots to cancer.  Then, our plumbing went out, flooding our bathroom and ruining the floor.  One day later, I lost a hard drive containing all my photos of my childhood.  Then, my car broke down.

I was at the end of my rope.  Literally.

I got lots of calls from friends, which I didn’t have the energy to pick up, and hundreds of texts messages.  It was sweet to know they were all thinking of me.  You know what they all said?

“Let me know how I can help”

My question is this, has anyone every responded to this with a request?  “Oh hey, yeah, could you come over so I could cry on your shoulder because I’m alone and I honestly want to die”.  Don’t get me wrong, I know they all meant well, they are all my friends, and a collection of the finest people I know.  And hey, I’ll admit, I’ve stated this in the past so many times that if I had a nickle for every time I said it, I’d have, well, at least $100.   And maybe, this series of events was the very thing I needed to make me aware of my own shortfalls.  I think in this electronic age we live in, we forgot a vital component of the human connection, sometimes we forget that it’s important to just Show Up.

So, the next time one of my friends has a crisis, a pitfall, a problem, or if they just plain need help, I’m gonna be there.  Are they having to meet a very stressful deadline for work?  Maybe I’ll leave brownies on their doorstep after ringing the doorbell.  Did they get a cancer diagnosis?  Maybe I’ll show up to clean their kitchen, do their laundry or help them decipher their medical bills.  Just have a baby?  Maybe I’ll just pick up their dogs for a hike because I know that they just don’t have the time right now.  Did their car break down?  Maybe I’ll call every time I go to the grocery store to see what they need.

I’m not going to text them those 7 words.  I’m going to show up.

So lock your doors Flagstaff, I’m gonna be there for you regardless if you want me to or not.




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